My name is Joy Ellen. I was living overseas in Taiwan in the 1990s and have been involved in all facets of the Internet since the Internet first came to Taiwan in 1995. My World Wide Web expertise includes web research, analysis, development, coding, design, and training.

The first company I worked for in Taiwan, and this was before the Internet came to Taiwan, used Windows and had MS Office installed on all its desktop computers. All the software was in Mandarin Chinese. To do my job, I had to learn MS Office in a foreign language. It was perhaps the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life. But it gave me the skills necessary to become updated in an ever changing industry.

In addition to my broad and extensive experience, I have an MBA degree from the HAAS School of Business at University of California Berkeley, a BBA degree in economics from Temple University, and web development as well as C programming and Java programming certificates from DeAnza College. I am also Google Analytics certified.

My combination of business and technical skills and experience give me a solid understanding of developing cutting-edge applications for mobile devices. (At least that’s my plan.)

My motto:

  • Some people are at their smartest when they graduate from school. Others never stop learning.

My pet peeve: “Make it so grandmothers can understand it.” I understand it! I just can’t see it!

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